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Cyprus Mushrooms

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Out of a couple of thousand of mushroom species that are found in Cyprus, by 2010 almost 1,000 have been identified.  Nearly fifty species are presented on the current subsection, which are largely representative of the genera that exist in Cyprus.

Mushrooms are in fact the 'fruit' of the (in many cases huge) underground fungi organism. They are very important for ecosystems as many species live symbiotically with plant species. Mycorrhizae constitute the symbiosis between fungi and plant roots and improve dramatically the roots' ability to absorb nutrients.  Not much research has been carried out on this in Cyprus.

Cypriots have traditionally looked at wild mushrooms as a delicacy. Extreme care must be taken in selecting wild mushrooms for food, as it is VERY DIFFICULT to identify edible from poisonous ones. Even though some information is included on related to whether a species is poisonous etc, the website DOESNOT encourage its visitors to pick mushrooms and we hold no responsibility of any wrong information presented on or of any relevant accidents.

Most of the information and photographs in the mushrooms category were provided by Michalis Loizides and Thomas Kyriakou of the Cyprus Mycological Association.

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