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Cyprus Birds And Birdwatching

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Cyprus is blessed with the presence of hundreds of different species of birds (almost 400 species), many of them using it either as a temporary station during their annual migration from the north of Europe to Africa, and vice versa, or as a refuge against the cold winter period in Europe.  It can be an important destination for birdwatching. 


The section is a very useful educational tool.  Here one can find searchable information about the different bird species that may be seen on the island.  If you are interested in birdwatching in Cyprus, using the advanced search page, you can produce a list of birds that you may see during particular seasons (eg in spring) and/or in particular habitats (eg wetlands, or on the coast). 


To produce the birds section of we used a number of books including, a) Breeding Birds of Cyprus by Kourtellarides (Louis), b) “Birds and mammals of Cyprus” (in Greek) by George Sfikas, c) Birds of Europe by Lars Jonsson, d) the records of Birdlife Cyprus, and other sources.

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