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Paphos beaches – wavebreakers, luxury hotels, wilder sea in the west

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Paphos beaches – wavebreakers, luxury hotels, wilder sea in the west

Paphos (or Pafos as is its official English name) is found on the south west coast of Cyprus, some 70 km north west of Limassol, 35 km south of Polis and Latchi, 60 km south west of Platres, 135 kilometers south west of the capital Nicosia, 135 kilometers west of Larnaca and 180 km west of the resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras.  The typical central Paphos beach (east of Paphos Fort) is very well organized, has the Blue Flag eco-label, dark sand, wavebreakers and luxury hotels.  North of the Paphos Fort, where there are no wavebreakers (yet - 2009) and waters are not as calm, one may find Coral beach, considered by many as the ‘best’ Paphos beach, as well as less accessible beaches like Kotchas beach. 

Beaches at Timi and Mandria (about 15 km south east of Paphos) offer more quiet options to those on a holiday in Paphos, compared to the typical central Paphos beach.

Further away and 25 kilometers east of central Paphos, one may visit (and swim at) Petra tou Romiou, probably the best known ‘landmark’ of Cyprus.  Legend has it that, Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty according to Greek mythology (Venus for the Romans), rose from the sea here.  Aphrodite was ever present in ancient Paphos, and near Kouklia village (7 kilometers east of Paphos), one can find her sanctuary at the place known as Palaipaphos.  The city of Paphos (or Nea Paphos) is a Unesco World Heritage site and the beautiful Paphos mosaics is a centerpiece of the city’s heritage.

One of the mosaics is related to wine drinking in ancient times.  Wine and the vine are central in the life of rural (mountainous) Paphos and if you visit the countryside around Paphos you will surely see many hundreds of acres of vineyards (a number of them have been replaced with villas lately).  A stop at one of the local wineries (eg. At Kathikas village, Statos Ayios Photios, Panayia and Kannaviou) are highly recommended.

North of Coral beach, there is a very interesting trail going past rocky formations, islets and 2 sets of sea caves (on the coast of Pegeia village). 

Paphos is only 15 kilometers from the south end of the Akamas peninsula (the Avakas gorge is just at the south end and makes an excellent short walk).  Akamas provides a plethora of choices for outdoors, nature related activities (walking, birdwatching, nature study, mountain biking, swimming, and snorkeling).  Paphos Forest and Troodos mountains in general are not far and can make a day trip an unforgettable experience (green Cyprus, forested lush valleys, picturesque stone-built Cyprus villages) and a big contrast to the modern city of Paphos.

There are numerous Paphos hotels and the many luxurious hotels are found right on the beach, on the coastline of central Paphos, east of the Paphos fort, or north, all the way to Coral beach.  There are various accommodation options especially in rented villas from Coral bay towards Peyia village.  In rural Paphos there now agrotourism establishments, especially in old stone-built renovated buildings in many of the picturesque villages (eg in the villages of Kathikas, Houlou and Nikokleia).

Paphos attractions in our database related to nature include 15 beaches, 5 walking trails, 3 wetlands, a Venetian bridge and 2 sea cave groups.

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