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Cyprus Walks Etc Escorted Walks

Introduction - Cyprus nature 

Youtube Channel -

Our youtube channel is active.  It presents a number of one-min clips (many in HD) on the nature of Cyprus (mostly on beaches, eg Paphos Beaches) and relevant activities (Walking, Waterbiking). 


Scheduled Group Activities - weekday and weekend

From November 2013 Cyprus Walks Etc is offering on a regular basis Walks, Waterbiking trips and Countryside exploration on bicycles.  From winter 2014 the activities take place once per week on weekdays and once every two-three weeks on the weekend.(

Cyprus Coastal Sea Exploration Trips
In 2013 Cyprus Walks Etc is offering Cyprus Sea Coastal Exploration trips on human-powered crafts (Waterbikes). we currently offer seven different routes and expect to add two or three more within 2013.


Services for Independent Self-Guided Walkers
From March 2012 Cyprus Walks Etc offers services to Independent Self-Guided Walkers on a third weeklong walking route that we designed. This focuses on Troodos and Akamas and can be walked also in summer. (

Welcome to our upgraded website.  Here you will find extensive information (including thousands of photographs and maps) on the nature of Cyprus (beaches, trails, dams, etc), and on its flora and fauna.  There are a number of different sections in the website:


a)      Natural attractions section

Here you can find information (including photographs and maps) for almost 200 Cyprus natural attractions, for those that we consider to be most interesting because of their natural value.  This searchable section includes information about more than 70 Cyprus beaches (in Paphos, Ayia Napa, Limassol, Protaras, Larnaca and Latchi/Polis), 20 dams and lakes, 40 hiking trails (official and unofficial) all over Cyprus including the coast, Troodos, Paphos Forest and the Akamas peninsula, waterfalls, ancient bridges, (sea) caves, parks and tens of ancient trees (those that have been declared “Natural Monuments”). 


b)      Birds section

In this section you can find searchable information about the few hundreds of different bird species that one may see on the island, at any particular season of the year and in any particular type of habitat.  Besides its educational value, the section can be used by birdwatchers, especially since one of our main sources is Birdlife Cyprus. 


c)       Plants section

In this section we include extensive information on selected hundreds (out of the few thousands) of the plant species that can be found on the island, with emphasis on endemic plants, orchids and plants that are indigenous.  Besides its educational value, the section can give guidance to those interested in experiencing and studying (and/or photographing) specific plants in their natural environment.  For example, it can list the plants that are in bloom during a certain month range (when one expects to visit the island), or the endemic plants that are found in (a particular) one of the biodiverse areas of Akamas peninsula, Troodos mountains, Paphos forest, Pentadactylos mountains, or execute more complicated queries. 


d)      Other sections also includes sections on mammals and reptiles (each of these two kinds of animals is represented on the island by no more than 30 species) and smaller sections on mushrooms and habitats.


We hope that you enjoy your visit. 


This project is managed by Phivos Ioannides.


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